Parallel 33, Blue Lotus, Cendio
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Parallel 33 and Blue Lotus:

What do Morocco, Lebanon, India, China, Japan, and San Diego all have in common? They're all intersected by the same latitude -- the 33rd parallel. Bringing together the unique flavors of those far-flung locales is the inspired idea behind Parallel 33, located in the upscale neighborhood of Mission Hills. The menu leaps enthusiastically from fragrant Moroccan lamb tagine to ginger-sautéed udon noodles with roasted artichoke hearts. The decor is eclectic as well: a touch of Hinduism, a dash of Islam, a little bit of Buddhism -- all contemporized by cement floors and iron accents. Next door is the restaurant's intimate, very chill lounge, Blue Lotus, which serves food from the same menu.

2009 California Restaurant Association Golden Medallion Award


Cendio is one of La Jolla’s most alluring nightlife and dining destinations. The architecture and décor create a warm, welcoming, and sophisticated ambiance. Cendio invites San Diego to dine with passion and savor the moment. Created from a combination of cenar ( to dine), and incendio (fire), Cendio is not just a restaurant and bar, but an attitude and experience.

2007 Silver Fork Award